Aleman Grabs to Secure AZQC’s Victory

By Griffin Conlogue

Both coming in after big wins in the first set of games, the matchup between Arizona Quidditch Club (AZQC) and Emerson College Quidditch (ECQ) was expected to be hotly contested. AZQC wound up victorious, finishing the game with a snitch catch by Margo Aleman to secure a 170*-130 win.

The game was a back and forth affair, with neither team finding much of an opportunity to pull away. ECQ started out quickly outplaying the Arizona community team, mainly due to the distribution of senior captain David Fox. He assisted early and often, with most of the team’s offense coming from the keeper finding chasers Stephanie Breen and Jake Hines behind the hoop.

Ultimately it was ECQ’s second and third units that were its undoing. Outside of ECQ’s very strong starting line featuring Dom Bailey as well as the previously mentioned players, there are very few options in the defensive department. This opened up multiple scoring opportunities for AZQC’s standout player, Greg Leininger. The chaser/keeper poured in 60 quaffle points over the course of the game, leading all players in scoring.

Tyler Trudeau would eventually lead a comeback attempt for Emerson, but the AZQC scoring punch and its dominant beating provided by Amanda Turtles and Sarah Kneiling would prove to be too much for the Boston squad. After his first catch was called back, Aleman would continue his clutch seeking game with a pull that clinched the victory.

AZQC heads into their match with the University of Arkansas with a 2-0 record while ECQ falls to 1-1 leading into their head to head with Florida’s Finest.