Blue Mountain is Victorious Over Rochester

By Zak Hewitt

Blue Mountain Quidditch Club (BMQC) has cemented itself as the final Midwest team at World Cup 8 with a 130*-60 victory over the University of Rochester Thestrals.

Rochester looked shaky at the Northeast Regional Championship, but after a large transfer of players from the RIT Dark Marks this team has shown that previous performances can sometimes be a fluke. Going 4-1 during the Flight Play, Rochester notched tremendous wins including a victory over Baylor University. BMQC also looked shaky at the regional championship, but after some transfers this team became very solid. BMQC went 4-1 during Flight Play and beat University of Missouri during the play-in round, advancing to the Round of 16.

A speedy brooms up resulted in bludger control to Rochester who missed a shot on goal. Krystina Packard made the first goal for BMQC; however, Rochester’s Shane Hurlbert responded with a quick goal, making it 10-10. John Gaffigan and Chris Barnard stormed down the pitch, scoring another goal for BMQC and bringing the score to 20-10. Tobin Knight made it 30-10 as Rochester appeared unsure how to respond. Both teams took multiple shots, missing many opportunities to score. Gaffigan scored on a breakaway against a lone Rochester keeper to bring the score to 40-10. Hurlburt responded with a shot on the right hoop, making it 40-20. However, BMQC sent another quaffle through the hoops, making it 50-20. Play stopped at 9:40 for a yellow card to BMQC beater Christin Gostola.

Gaffigan scored another goal for BMQC at 10:30. Drew Weiler with a breakaway burned the Rochester keeper and dunked the quaffle through the hoops. Unfazed by the drive, Rochester quickly recovered and scored two straight goals, putting it back in snitch range at 70-40. Rochester received a yellow card for a jersey pull and BMQC took the opportunity to score, making it 80-40. Packard scored again after a pass from Weiler to bring the score to 90-40. Solid point beating resulted in another breakaway for BMQC as Knight scored, 100-40.

The snitch was released and squared off with Jack Norgren. A breakaway for Rochester and Hurlburt ran in the goal, bringing the score to 100-50. Another goal for Rochester made it 100-60. Rochester appeared to be making a comeback against the slow BMQC offense. However, Norgren caught the snitch at 25:09, making the final score 130*-60.

Blue Mountain enters the Elite Eight and will square off against returning champions University of Texas at Austin.