Dynasty: Texas Takes Home Its Third World Cup Title

By Jack McGovern

Capping off World Cup 8 with an intense, back-and-forth championship game, the University of Texas at Austin defeated Lone Star Quidditch Club to earn its third consecutive World Cup title. Texas seeker Evan Carr caught the snitch, securing a 120*-90 victory.

At the beginning, Lone Star chaser Christopher Scholz jump started the scoring with an outstanding individual effort on brooms up and a runaway fast break goal. Facing an early 20-point deficit, Texas regrouped and stared down the organized and fearsome Lone Star defense. After getting on the scoreboard, Texas chaser Marty Bermudez split the defense and swooped in to tie the score at 20-20.

A series of stoppages slowed Texas’ momentum and Lone Star firmly controlled the next portion of the game. While Lone Star attacked the hoops, Texas suffered a couple costly defensive lapses and settled for poor shots on offense. With athleticism and controlled aggression, Lone Star posed serious questions for the two-time defending champions. However, Texas found an answer in veteran keeper Augustine Monroe. Monroe notched three consecutive goals, shaking tackles, slotting mid-range shots and spinning toward the goal. On defense, Monroe denied a series of Lone Star shots and directed the defense. When the dust cleared, Monroe had suddenly lifted Texas to a 60-50 lead.

Drew Wasikowski and Becca DuPont, two former Texas A&M University stars, responded for Lone Star, using speed and determination to stay in snitch range. With defensive recoveries and interceptions, Wasikowski and DuPont temporarily held Texas’ clicking offense back. Again, Monroe rallied the Longhorns and found chasers Audrey Wright and Kaci Erwin for two more Texas goals.

As the snitch trotted onto the pitch, attention shifted to the beaters and seekers. While seekers took turns grappling with the snitch, Texas beater Michael Duquette battled a furious effort from Lone Star beaters Sean Fry and Mollie Lensing. Catching bludgers and limiting chances for Lone Star’s seekers, Duquette gave Texas’ seekers terrific openings. Finally, after several near snitch catches, Texas seeker Evan Carr came through, triumphantly hoisting the snitchsock before the referees confirmed the catch.

Texas finishes 9-0 at World Cup 8 as the three-time defending champions.