Gambits Take Down Baylor 130*-100

By Azeem Hussain

Slow and steady wins the race. There was a lot of anticipation coming into this West Coast best coast-Southwest best coast matchup as the Los Angeles Gambits took on Baylor University. Early bludger control went to the Gambits, and they used it to set up a slow, calculated offense. Led by Tony Rodriguez, the Gambits were able to take an early lead against Baylor but couldn’t run away with the game.

Despite not having bludger control, Baylor’s beaters were able to put up a strong defensive stand against the Gambits, and thanks to accurate shots from Baylor’s keeper, Baylor was able to make a comeback and tie the score.

Once the snitch stepped onto the pitch, the Gambits put both beaters on the snitch, not allowing Baylor’s seekers a good opportunity to go for a pull. Due to this smart decision, the Gambits were able to dive for an incredible pull, ending the game with the final score of 130*-100.

The Gambits move on to face the University of Texas at Austin.