Lone Star Tops Maryland Quidditch to Advance to Final Against Texas Quidditch

By Jack McGovern

Heavily favored Lone Star Quidditch Club convincingly denied the upset hopes of Maryland Quidditch 120-50*. Lone Star’s blowout win set up a much anticipated matchup with the University of Texas at Austin in the finals of World Cup 8.

Jumping out to a 60-0 lead, Lone Star’s athletic keepers, Drew Wasikowski and Stephen Bell, benefitted from fast-paced gameplay and sailed through Maryland’s defense. With Lone Star’s beaters tearing apart Maryland’s beater defense, Maryland found no answer for the unselfish passing and adept shooting of Wasikowski and Bell. However, the story of the game was Lone Star’s stellar hoop defense. While Maryland created viable chances for goals, each tipped and blocked shot further deflated the Mid-Atlantic Regional Champions. Every shot was contested by a committee of Lone Star chasers and keepers, who swarmed the hoops and lunged at shooters. When a window opened, Maryland repeatedly failed to convert, barely missing short-range shots.

As Lone Star kept the foot on the gas and poured on the goals, Maryland’s offense deteriorated, unleashing wild shots and low-percentage passes. Lone Star refused to let up on defense with aggressive tackling and flawless positioning. As the snitch came on pitch, Maryland seeker Brenden Hutton quickly went for the suicide snitch catch and ended the blowout at 120-50*.

An all-Texas finals awaits Lone Star QC.