Lost Boys Beat Arizona Quidditch

By Austin Pitts

In a matchup of the last two West Region teams in World Cup 8, the Lost Boys beat Arizona Quidditch Club (AZQC) 170*-100. With some excellent snitching by Stew Driflot, the game dragged on for 28 minutes until Frank Gao pulled to send the Lost Boys to the Final Four.

AZQC has a reputation for being a physical team that rides the line on illegal play, and this game was highlighted by multiple cards. AZQC racked up a total of 10 cards, including three reds. While AZQC ran its offense through Duncan Lewis, Savio Vu brought tons of energy for the Arizona community team, which was part of the reason the game carried on for so long. The biggest key was Amanda Nagy, Cooper Davis, and Sean Pretti neutralizing the fantastic beating of the Lost Boys. While Peter Lee was everywhere on the pitch, along with a solid showing from partner Sarah Ballister, AZQC kept control for a good portion of the game and didn’t falter even without control.

In the midst of the great beater battle, the quaffle game paled in comparison. Both teams looked sluggish on offense, taking unnecessary long shots and throwing sloppy passes. Alex Browne hit the occasional long shot and scored on fast breaks, and Brooke Lydon, Brandon Scapa, and Frank Gao all scored. Gao specifically was the spark plug for the Lost Boys, scoring a couple of quick goals when he subbed in.

With resiliency and bad offense by the Lost Boys, AZQC brought the game back within snitch range, giving Margo Aleman a quick chance at the snitch; however, Browne quickly scored a fast break goal to put the Lost Boys up 40. Shortly after, Gao caught the snitch.

“We’re excited… it’s our first time in the Final Four; we feel ready to face UT,” said Lost Boys captain Chris Seto.

“Thirteen Players. No practice. Clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose,” said AZQC Captain Amanda Nagy.

AZQC heads out of World Cup with a 5-2 record, and the Lost Boys head to the Final Four with a record of 7-1 to face the University of Texas at Austin.