Miami University Defeats Macaulay

Photo by Michael E. Mason

Photo by Michael E. Mason

By Colin Richards

Connor Stonecash caught the snitch in overtime to give Miami University a victory over Macaulay Honors College in a 140^-100* thriller. The teams entered overtime after a clean snitch catch from Macaulay.

The teams traded scores for the first half of the game, with neither leading by more than 10 points at a time. When Miami had bludger control, it was able to open up passing lanes in front of the hoops, and keeper Matt Migerny did a great job finding open chasers. Macaulay was able to answer thanks to its beaters regaining control and successfully operating the 1.5 beater strategy. Miami opened up a 50-0 run with the snitch on pitch until Macaulay scored two quick goals and then caught the snitch to force overtime. After an initial no-goal on brooms up, Miami scored a quick goal to take the score to 110-100. Soon after the goal, Stonecash caught the snitch to seal the victory for Miami, 140^-110*.

The win improved Miami’s record to 1-2 on the day as Macaulay dropped to 0-3.