Michigan Tops Ball State

By Jack McGovern

In a lengthy blowout, Michigan Quidditch defeated Midwest foe the Ball State Cardinals 290*-80. After losing on a snitch catch to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Round Three, Michigan clearly bounced back, reasserting itself with a dominant victory.

At brooms up, Michigan set the tone with a high-energy, smashmouth style of play. With coast-to-coast fastbreaks and tackle-breaking drives, Michigan’s array of large, physical chasers pounded through a helpless Ball State defense. Michigan’s beaters were often able to create valuable no-bludger opportunities, and Ball State’s beaters lacked the discipline to react. Michigan chaser Eric Wasser tallied eight goals, repeatedly walking through Ball State’s defense, dragging several defenders along and sending the score into triple digits.

Although Ball State keeper Blake Fitzgerald notched a few key goals to keep the score close initially, Michigan’s defensive effort proved to be overwhelming. Especially in the opening minutes, Michigan’s chasers lunged for every loose ball, diving across the turf to regain possession. Michigan’s solid defense continued as the game slowed, where the team defended the hoops ferociously.

Michigan will take a 3-1 record to Sunday, while Ball State will look to improve its 2-2 record.