Rossi Catches to Bring Emerson the Victory

Nicole Harrig Florida's Finest v Emerson

Photo by Nicole Harrig


By Tim Derrick

In an epic match between Emerson College Quidditch and Florida’s Finest, Emerson proved to be the better team, winning 100*-90 on a clutch snitch catch by Lorenzo Rossi.

Emerson took an early 30-0 lead by exposing a critical flaw in Florida’s Finest’s defense and capitalizing on open space in front of the hoops. Two of those scores could easily have been defended, but Finest’s chasers seemed to be lacking communication and left Emerson’s chasers wide open—a problem Finest had during its loss to Baylor University and has had all season. This exposure flustered Finest, leading to several easily avoidable mistakes including a blatant two-armed tackle by the Florida’s Finest keeper. Emerson looked to dominate the rest of the game, but Finest turned up its physicality a notch and smashed its way through Emerson’s defenders to take the lead late in the game.

Down by 20 points when the snitch was released onto the pitch, Rossi snatched victory 41 seconds into seeker play.

Emerson improves to a 2-1 record and Florida’s Finest drops to 1-2.