Skrewts Top Ohio State

By George Williams

The Silicon Valley Skrewts made a statement for the West as they took down Midwest Regional champions Ohio State Quidditch 100*-70.

The Skrewts jumped out to an early 20-0 lead with shots from chaser Alex Makk. Kevin Oelze was also an early contributor with his juggernaut drives and an impressive alley-oop dunk.

Despite being down 50-20 with eight minutes left on the floor, Ohio State managed to work its way back into the game in time for the snitch to be released. Ohio State found a way to neutralize Skrewts’ star beaters in Willis Miles and Kyrie Timbrook and tie up the game 70-70 at the 18 minute mark. The Ohio State full-court pressure on defense was effective in forcing imperfect passes and drawing beaters out of position.

After several minutes of impressive snitch beating, Craig Kaplan sealed the game for the Skrewts with an impressive snitch catch from down on the ground.

The Skrewts improved to 2-0 while Ohio State Quidditch fell to 1-1.