Texas State Tops Intraregional Foe Lone Star

By Devin Sandon

In this very slow-paced intraregional rematch, Texas State University – San Marcos defeated Lone Star Quidditch Club (LSQC) 70*-20.

With four games played and won by LSQC so far this season, and with the last three games ending out of range in LSQC’s favor, Texas State entered the game fully aware that it needed to adopt a new strategy if it wanted to win. Texas State delivered on this front. It wasn’t flashy, and it wasn’t entertaining, but Texas State played a very intelligent game in which it deliberately denied LSQC a sufficient number of offensive possessions to get out of snitch range. The first five minutes of the game saw not a single change in possession of either the quaffle or the bludgers. The Texas State offense rarely entered LSQC’s half of the pitch as its chasers passed the ball back and forth, and its beaters repeatedly sought to obtain control. Finally, LSQC managed to apply enough pressure to get the ball, and a beautiful shot by Stephen Bell converted the possession into the first goal of the game. However, the pace of the game had been set.

Texas State was able to gain bludger control and continued slow balling until it saw an opportunity arise. A drive by Eric Reyes put Texas State on the board. Seconds later, however, Lone Star scored off of a long pass by Bell to a chaser by the hoops. The match continued with Texas State draining the speed of the game. LSQC struggled to respond, facing a number of cards in its attempts to force turnovers, or at least an offense out of Texas State. Two beater yellow cards—one after another—along with a helpless receiver red card, sparked further frustration for LSQC, and the snitch entered play with the score only tied at 20, with LSQC having had fewer than six offensive possessions. With the snitch on pitch, the LSQC beaters attempted to fend off the Texas State seeker, leading to offensive gaps through which Reyes could charge to give Texas State a 40-20 lead before Steven Gralinski pulled the snitch to win the game.