Texas State Wins Thriller Over Lost Boys

By Jack McGovern

A controversial last-second goal by Tyrell Williams, coupled with a snitch catch by Stephen Gralinski, lifted Texas State University – San Marcos over a surging Lost Boys Quidditch Club squad, 90*-80.

Early in the game, Texas State’s offense put on a clinic, executing its signature hand-offs and sharp off-ball movement. Facing mighty Texas State chaser Eric Reyes, the Lost Boys defense struggled to hold back an avalanche of goals from the World Cup VII runner-ups. However, momentum began to swing to the Lost Boys with a series of outstanding shifts from the Lost Boys beaters and costly cards on Texas State. With less bludger control, Texas State proved unable to stop a fearless effort from Lost Boys keeper Alex Browne. A seasoned veteran, Browne seized control of the game, blocking shots on defense and racing down the pitch for fast break goals. Despite frequently hero-balling on fast breaks, Browne finally connected with the Lost Boys’ off-ball chasers, who had struggled to catch and finish early in the game. Suddenly, the Lost Boys turned a 50-30 deficit into an 80-50 lead.

While the Lost Boys appeared tantalizingly close to the safety of a 3-0 record, a bang-bang play with the snitch on pitch and the score at 80-50 left one of Southern California’s oldest community teams to the uncertainty of a 2-1 record. As Williams, a Texas State chaser, desperately sliced through the Lost Boys defense with the quaffle, Gralinski lunged at the snitch. The crowd roared incredulously, wondering whether the quaffle had passed through the hoops before the snitchsock had been snagged. After conferencing, the referees confirmed a 90*-80 Texas State victory.

The Lost Boys will look to overcome heartbreak and injuries in the next round and Texas State will continue its quest for Swiss play perfection at 3-0.