Tufts Rallys to Defeat the Skrewts

Photo by Isabella Gong

Photo by Isabella Gong

By Kyle Jeon

The Tufts University Tufflepuffs rallied from a 40-point deficit to defeat the Silicon Valley Skrewts 100*-90

Facing their second regional champion of the day, the Silicon Valley Skrewts continued to impress and show the world that they do indeed rise to the occasion, especially at World Cup. The Skrewts jumped out to a nice 50-10 lead behind the beater pair of Willis Miles and Kyrie Timbrook. The pair showed unparalleled chemistry and kept control against Tufts’ two-male beater line for the first five or six minutes of the game. Due to Tufts’ choice of matching the Miles-Timbrook pairing, its chasing game was slightly weaker (Emily Hickmott was out for the day due to a broken nose and thus Tuft’s fantastic two-female chaser set was weakened), and the Skrewts took full advantage, driving and passing their way to Tufts’ hoops.

When the Skrewts’ starting line began to tire, however, Tufts showed why it was the regional champion by having a much less significant talent drop between its first and second line. When the snitch came on pitch, both teams showed tenacity in going full throttle despite the fatigue, and this kept the audience on the edge of its seat. Eventually, however, Tufts’ beaters cleared a path for its seekers and Greg Bento pulled the snitch with his team trailing 90-70 to eke out a win over the Skrewts.

Tufts improves to 3-0, while the Skrewts fall to 2-1. Each team has one more match on Day One of the World Cup.