UNC Tops Michigan State To Go Undefeated Into Day 2

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) moved to 4-0 with an 180*-40 rout of Michigan State University on Field One.

Both teams entered the match at 3-0, with the winner locking up a spot in bracket play. While the two teams may have been near equal when they entered the pitch, upon exit it was clear who was the better squad.

UNC’s victory was keyed by a high-pressure offense led by chasers Max Miceli and Chris Champitto. The two specialized in mid-range and long-range efforts and were able to further extend UNC’s lead after the snitch entered the pitch, with Michigan State defending the snitch in hopes of clawing back.

The bright spot for Michigan State was Jacob Heppe, who notched all four of the team’s goals and is now a four-year veteran of the program.

At 4-0, UNC is a near lock to qualify for bracket play. Michigan State falls to 3-1 and will play again tomorrow in hopes of securing an elusive bracket spot.

Curtis Taylor Contributed Reporting