UNC Tops Michigan

By John Gaffigan

The University of North Carolina (UNC) narrowly edged Michigan Quidditch in a highly contested matchup between two of the preeminent teams of the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest.

UNC jumped out to an early 30-10 lead, controlling the pace of the game through solid beating and opportunistic chasing, but Michigan rallied back with a 50-point run, putting bludgers on the ground and allowing its more physical chasers to make drives to the hoops.

From 60-30 in favor of Michigan, both teams buckled down on defense and made key stops to keep the game in range.Over the last five minutes before snitch-on-pitch the teams traded goals to make it 80-50 when the snitch returned. UNC quickly scored, putting it within 20 points and in range of winning on a snitch grab. Michigan quickly countered with a fast break, but after a stand at the hoops and a shot called off due to a key beat, UNC maintained the crucial point differential. With both seekers on the snitch with limited beater help, UNC’s Alex Crawford quickly flanked the snitch and made a clean catch for a 90*-80 victory.

This game puts UNC at 3-0 and in prime position to secure a bracket spot. Michigan stands at 2-1 and will have to prove itself in its next two games to recover after the heartbreaking loss and claim its bracket spot.