UT Advances to Quarterfinals With Win Over Gambits

By Azeem Hussain

After knocking out one Southwest team from World Cup 8, the Los Angeles Gambits looked for another win as they went against the two-time defending champs, University of Texas at Austin (UT). From the first minute, you could see the Longhorns were in it to win it all. With their hyper aggressive beaters, Texas pushed the Gambits back consistently, never letting the Gambits set up their offense.

Thanks to solid bludger control from UT, the team was able to grant its offense multiple opportunities to drive in and score. The Gambits responded back with points of their own as they regained bludger control, but even then they showed respect for UT’s defense and played a slow offense.

Augustine Monroe set up great passes along with physical charges to the hoops by Ryan Davis to lead UT out of snitch range before the release of the snitch.

UT never dropped back into snitch range and was able to pull out the catch, resulting in a final score of 150*-70. UT moves on to play Blue Mountain Quidditch Club.