Warriors Defeat QC Boston Will Face North Carolina in Round of 16

By Tim Derrick

In the first round of bracket play, the Warriors defeated Q.C. Boston: The Massacre (QCB) 120*-100 with a snitch catch by Mike Pascutoi.

The Warriors were the underdogs of this match, but rallied back to win. QCB made the first goal and looked to dominate the entire match. The Warriors struggled offensively for most of the game with a lot of long shots and inaccurate passes whereas QCB found its stride, powering through defenders and using its female chaser to block out the Warriors’ keeper. The Warriors had issues with penalties, getting four cards over the course of the game. One of those cards, beater Taylor Crawford’s second yellow that resulted in a red (contact over the shoulder, then tackling a player with no ball), almost proved fatal for the Warriors as it occurred a minute and a half before the seekers were released. QCB used the penalty to take a 100-70 lead, that would have been more if not for the heroic efforts of beater Billy Greco. He single-handedly held down the pitch and kept both the QCB beater and seeker away from the snitch. With the snitch on the pitch and facing potential overtime, the Warriors made a crucial goal to bring their deficit to 20 points. Almost immediately after the goal, Pascutoi made his first grab but it was called off due to him impeding the snitch’s movement. A minute later, Pascutoi made the grab that ended the game.

The Warriors advance to the Round of 16 where they will face the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.