Q.C. Boston Starts Fast, Finishes Strong to Defeat Northern Arizona

By Kevin Oelze Q.C. Boston: The Massacre (QCB) defeated the NAU Narwhals 160*-90 in a close game between two 3-1 teams, improving to 4-1, while NAU fell to 3-2. QCB managed to start the game extremely hot, scoring on its first four possessions while holding onto bludger control and shutting ...READ MORE

Arkansas Defeats Midwest Regional Champs Ohio State

By Daniel Shapiro The University of Arkansas Quidditch Club defeated Ohio State Quidditch (OSU) by a score of 100*-80 with the snitch caught by Arkansas seeker Eric Dreggors. Arkansas opened the game with a goal off of brooms up to set the tone. The team then followed this up with ...READ MORE

Hutton Snatches Snitch to Advance Maryland to a 4-0 Record

By Tim Derrick In a thrilling match, Maryland Quidditch defeated Baylor University 120*-100 with freshman seeker Brendan Hutton making the catch. From the very beginning, it was evident that this match was going to come down to the snitch catch. Maryland scored the first goal of the match, but Baylor ...READ MORE

King Catches Snitch Giving UT the Win Over Tufts

By Griffin Conlogue In a mostly uneventful matchup between two undefeated teams, the University of Texas at Austin found itself easily victorious over the Tufts University Tufflepuffs. The game concluded after a very quick catch by Texas seeker Will King, ending the game with a 90*-20 victory for the Longhorns. ...READ MORE

Lost Boys Exact Revenge Over Gambits With World Cup Win

By Eric Wasser One of the most heated rivalries in quidditch didn’t fail to disappoint the packed stands at Field Two tonight, as the Lost Boys got revenge for their defeat in the West Regional Championship final, topping the Los Angeles Gambits 140*-120. The two teams showed themselves to be ...READ MORE